AUTM Celebrates Black History Month

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In the U.S., we honor Black History Month to spotlight the remarkable contributions of African Americans. Visit our resource hub throughout the month for new articles, moving podcasts and fresh content!

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AUTM on the AIR

Immortalizing The Untold Stories of Black Inventors with James Howard of BIHOF
As February unfolds, we're thrilled to kick off a special series in celebration of Black History Month, a time to honor the significant contributions and achievements of African Americans throughout history. Today, we're excited to chat with James Howard, the Executive Director of the Black Inventors Hall of Fame (BIHOF).

James Howard wears many hats: he is a college professor, design historian, entrepreneur, industrial designer, inventor, and restaurateur. He brings more than 25 years of teaching experience in design and has created a course on Design Thinking and Design History, examining how design influences society.

An inventor in his own right, James has 20 patents under his belt. His most recent project involves launching Entrepreneurial U, the first Design Thinking school in Morris County.

Breaking Down Barriers in the Innovation Ecosystem with Almesha Campbell
Listen to Almesha Campbell, the first Black Chair of the Board of Directors for AUTM.
Almesha is a trailblazer in the technology transfer field and a true asset to the industry. Her unwavering commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship, especially among underrepresented populations, has earned her recognition and accolades from numerous organizations.

During this episode, Almesha talks about her educational and career background, the people in her life who have influenced and motivated her to be the best version of herself, her goals of enhancing equity, diversity, and inclusion far beyond the borders of her university, and the strategic initiatives that she will be focusing on at AUTM in the coming year.

Educational Resources

Promoting Inclusivity and Diversity in Patenting and Innovation
This webinar for technology transfer offices and general AUTM membership will focus on raising awareness of intellectual property's role in an innovation economy, and the importance of inclusivity and diversity in patenting and innovation. The webinar will feature Dr. Andrew Toole, Chief Economist at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), in a discussion covering relevant USPTO experiences.

AUTM EDI Resources

EDI Toolkit
This toolkit includes valuable reading, videos and assessments to enhance the effectiveness of EDI protocols within the technology transfer ecosystem.

Bringing Data to Discussions of Diversity

Twenty-eight percent of technology transfer professionals polled by AUTM say their gender, race or other demographic characteristics have had an impact on their career trajectory—one of several key findings from a survey conducted to better understand the diversity of the Association’s Membership and the tech transfer field, as well as diversity- and equity-related challenges that tech transfer professionals face.

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Celebrating Black Inventors

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