AUTM TransACT Database


Visit to access the TransACT database.
Subscriptions provide access for the entire office. If your office has a subscription, then every individual affiliated with the office is automatically given access.
Your subscription ends 365 days after your first date of access.
Once a user logs into, they can seamlessly connect with the TransACT platform to add their deals or search for comparable deals.
Yes! 7-day trial options are available if your organization meets the criteria. Contact us at [email protected] for more information.
No transfers are needed.  A subscription applies to the institution and anyone affiliated with the institution automatically has access.
You can find detailed information about TransACT’s data fields here, and how to search the database here.
Simply log into the TransACT database through the TransACT webpage on the AUTM website, using the “Enter Your Deals” button to get started.  This will take you to a landing page with all of your institution’s previously entered deals where there will be an option to add a new deal.  Use a unique identifier for the “Name of the Agreement” and answer all of the relevant questions in each of the Sections of the questionnaire.  The database preview document provides some guidance on how to enter your data.  An active subscription to the database is not required in order to enter your deals.
Any license agreement is appropriate for entry into the TransACT database and no preference is given to any particular type of deal.  You can enter deals that were executed in any particular time period, although more recent deals are preferred.  The Database Questionnaire will lead you through all of the requested information.
The database subscription fee is $2,995 per year.
Subscriptions are based on calendar year from the initial date of purchase or deal-entry date. I think, based on the answers above, that the answer is not calendar year but rather it's a 12-months subscription from the date of purchase, right?  If not, then the answer to the third bullet above needs to be revisited.
The database is available to anyone who wants to purchase a subscription regardless of membership status.
Because the database is available to all, regardless of Membership status, there is no discount for those with current AUTM Memberships.
New Members may already have access to TransACT if their office has contributed deals or purchased a subscription. If not, please contact us at [email protected]  to see whether a trial offer is a good fit for your organization.
Subscriptions are for the entire office or organization, providing your entire team with access to the database.