Frequently Asked Questions

  • The technology is licensed.
  • A product is for sale or a prototype is in use.
  • The technology highlights a successful partnership between academia and research.
  • The technology has experienced a major milestone since 2016 (a startup was formed, a product was released, venture funding round was closed, a regulatory milestone was achieved, etc.)
Not necessarily. Some of the stories submitted are turned into professionally-written pieces. Some of them are edited slightly and included in the database for all to see. Some are just not ready for prime-time. We’ll let you know once you submit.
Nope. There’s no secret sauce. But there are ways to make your submission shine. Follow these steps and you’re nearly guaranteed success.
  • In 400 words (or less), tell us about the invention: What does it do and who or what does it impact? We love previously published press releases or other polished work we have permission to put on our website.
  • Want a great example? Check out the Honeycrisp apple story – changing the world one bite at a time! It has all the key components AND is a great read.
  • Make sure to submit an awesome, high-res photo of the invention (1600 px wide or larger.)
  • Give us a 280-character tweet to promote your success.
Don’t panic, we got you. Simply email our Senior Marketing and Communications Director and let them know you need to make a change or removal and they can take it from there.
Positively. Get in touch with our Senior Marketing and Communications Director.
Every single story ever published in Better World is available through our searchable database. Give it a try!
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