Frequently Asked Questions

  • The technology is licensed.
  • A product is for sale or a prototype is in use.
  • The technology highlights a successful partnership between academia and research.
Not necessarily. Some of the stories submitted are turned into professionally-written pieces. Some of them are edited slightly and included in the database for all to see. Some are just not ready for prime-time. We’ll let you know once you submit.
Nope. There’s no secret sauce. But there are ways to make your submission shine. Follow these steps and you’re nearly guaranteed success.
  • In 400 words (or less), tell us about the invention: What does it do and who or what does it impact? We love previously published press releases or other polished work we have permission to put on our website.
  • Want a great example? Check out the Honeycrisp apple story – changing the world one bite at a time! It has all the key components AND is a great read.
  • Make sure to submit an awesome, high res photo of the invention.
  • Give us a 280-character tweet to promote your success.
Don’t panic, we got you. Simply email either our CMO or Communications Director and let them know you need to make a change or removal and they can take it from there.
That’s right! If we use your story, we’ll send you an AUTM tee-shirt!
Positively. Get in touch with either our CMO or Communications Director.   
Every single story ever published in Better World is available through our searchable database. Give it a try!
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