Professional Certification

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Registered Technology Transfer Professionals (RTTP)
RTTP is a professional credential for Technology Transfer or Knowledge Exchange professionals to designate individuals with advanced knowledge and experience. Those with RTTP certification have demonstrated the core competencies necessary to work effectively in the field of Technology Transfer or Knowledge Exchange to advance innovative ideas and have sufficient experience to add significant value based on a peer reviewed track record. Historically, the acronym RTTP has stood for Registered Technology Transfer Professional. Technology Transfer is one of the more common phrases used to describe the work of liaisons in scientific and academic business development, patent protection specialists, licensing associates, start-up service specialists and a host of varied functions aimed at advancing innovative technologies for social benefit. Those with the RTTP credential are employed most commonly in academic institutions, technology-based companies, economic development offices, and governments.  

For more information, view AUTM's webinar recording RTTP: A Career Development Opportunity. To learn about the next application deadline and how to apply, visit the Alliance of Technology Transfer Professionals website.

Certified Licensing Professional (CLP)
Many technology transfer professionals, who are primarily focused on the multi-disciplinary aspects of licensing, have also chosen to become Certified Licensing Professionals (CLP). The goal of the CLP program is to elevate the entire profession through knowledge and standards. Once certified, individuals must renew every three years to keep the credential active so CLP certification can truly be utilized as a framework for professional development. Click here to learn more about the exam, testing windows, preparation tips, testimonials from employers and current CLPs, and more.

Earning either credential showcases your enhanced qualifications, experience and commitment to professional growth, and positions you as a leader among colleagues and employers.