USPTO AI Patent Initiatives

USPTO AI Patent Initiatives

Learn how the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is addressing recent advances in AI that pose newfound questions for IP law, policy and examination procedure.

The USPTO plays an important role in incentivizing and protecting innovation, including innovation enabled by AI, to ensure continued US leadership in AI and other emerging technologies. The federal agency is developing new policies to address these issues, for example, announcing the Inventorship Guidance for AI-Assisted Inventions. Additionally, the UPSTO has issued guidance on the use of AI tools by applicants and practitioners before the USPTO.

This webinar will discuss these issues and other patent policy initiatives currently under consideration at the USPTO.

Matthew Sked, Senior Legal Advisor, USPTO

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Matthew Sked is a Senior Legal Advisor in the Office of Patent Legal Administration at the USPTO. He also serves as the Patent Policy Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence and Emerging Technology Working Group at the agency. In this position, he oversees the development and implementation of the patent policy initiatives surrounding artificial intelligence.

In his role in the Office of Patent Legal Administration, he drafts rule packages, memoranda, and associated guidance in such areas as subject matter eligibility under Section 101, information disclosure practice, and the duty of disclosure.  Before joining the Office of Patent Legal Administration, he worked as a Primary Patent Examiner in the speech processing and audio coding arts.  Matthew received his M.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and his J.D. from the George Mason University School of Law.