AUTM Leadership Communications Course

AUTM Annual Meeting

AUTM Leadership Communication Course 

Sunday, February 18
7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

Effective leadership communication creates a competitive advantage for individuals, teams, and enterprises. There is a rigor to effective leadership communication, but too often that rigor is not well known or is ignored by leaders who believe that communication at work is equivalent to personal communication, at which most people are proficient.   

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  1. Communicating strategically: This module focuses on the rigor necessary to use communication to secure a desired outcome. It covers a five-step process to understand the concerns, priorities, and fears of a prospective audience, and the barriers that prevent them from feeling, knowing, and doing what you need them to do to secure a desired outcome. The process leads to clarity about what audiences need to experience in order to secure that outcome.
  1. Managing meaning: This module focuses on framing: the creation of context that leads audiences to a desired conclusion. The module demonstrates that facts alone are rarely persuasive, and that the same facts can lead people to dramatically different conclusions based on the opening frames. 
  1. Effective engagement and connecting with others: This module focuses on the physicality of interpersonal connection, and the particular challenges of interpersonal connection through remote technology. It shows how incremental changes in posture, body movement, facial expression, voice intonation, and gestures have a disproportionate effect on audience attention and engagement. 
  1. Communicating in crisis: This module focuses on the drivers of trust and ways to keep trust or restore trust when things have gone wrong; when people are at risk; and when operations are no longer healthy.
This course is targeted to the advanced tech transfer professional. 

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