Washington Gas

Company: Washington Gas, local utility in the Washington, DC area, a subsidiary of Alta Gas, a diversified Canadian energy company. 

Contact: Paul Streaker 
[email protected]  

Washington gas is committed to a lower carbon future with a net-zero target by 2050, heavily involved with the mid-Atlantic hydrogen hub.  

Key objectives in their climate business plan: 

  • Reduce carbon emissions associated with end use, whether that's energy efficiency, carbon capture that would help reduce carbon in the atmosphere.  

  • Enable carbon reduction through lower carbon fuel supply: hydrogen, power to gas or green methane, for example. 

Specific areas of innovation focus: 

  • A focus on post combustion, carbon capture.  

  • A reduction of CO2 associated with SMR based hydrogen or methane pyrolysis hydrogen blending is an opportunity to decarbonize the gas stream. 

  • Opportunities to reduce space requirements associated with hydrogen storage, which takes up a tremendous amount of space and will drive significant challenges with permitting. Technology breakthroughs that would reduce that could be beneficial to Washington Gas, and the opportunity to blend hydrogen in with its core product.  

  • Improving the quality and quantity of RNG production, and 

  • Anything in the green methane, green propane powered gas space, that again, help us to decarbonize their core product and help them support a healthy environment and achieve their objectives.