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If you’re a business development manager or tech scout, AUTM can help you tap into a vast network of academic researchers for collaborations, licensing, and sponsored research opportunities. Our members are frontline corporate engagement professionals who can provide targeted access to early-stage technologies and principal investigators in their specialty areas.  

By partnering innovation with investment, our members bring breakthrough research discoveries to market through comprehensive corporate engagement — from collaboration to technology licensing and sponsored research.
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Making the case to become a member, isn’t easy to do, even when it makes a lot of sense. To help you invest in yourself — and your office — we’ve put together a Convince Your Boss toolkit.

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AUTM membership offers you:

Access to Members (member login required)
Join and search our Directory of more than 3,000 members. Business development managers, industry scouts and innovation managers can tap into this network for access to early-stage technologies and research experts in their interest areas. 

Available Technologies
The AUTM Innovation Marketplace (AIM) is where you can search more than 30,000 of the latest university technologies and identify strong areas of research interest at universities, hospitals, and research institutions worldwide. Learn more

Networking Events
AUTM has in-person events throughout the year where you can network face-to-face with Members from academia and research institutes. These events are the perfect place to conduct early-stage scientific identification and deal-making meetings between industry and academia to drive innovative win-win partnerships. Learn more

eGroup Communities (member login required)
Connect anytime with one of the largest online communities of tech transfer professionals in pursuit of collaborations and deals.  Learn more

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