Single Use Vaginal Speculum Improved Patient Outcomes

The ClearSpec® Single Use Vaginal Speculum is an innovative device that can not only improve patient outcomes but can also improve patient discomfort often associated with gynecological exams. ClearSpec® Single Use Vaginal Speculum has been scientifically proven in an Institutional Revew Board (IRB) randomized clinical study to improve visualization of the cervix, which can help the approximately 19 million women in the United States who receive annual gynecological exams. 

Titled “sheathed versus standard speculum for visualization of the cervix,” the study was published in the May 2014 issue of the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics. The study found that there was a significant increase in the visualization of the cervix from 78% to 95% with ClearSpec, and that 100% of cervix was visualized in 64% of all patients with ClearSpec versus 16% with standard speculums.

Speculum exams can be very uncomfortable, and having a product that minimizes this discomfort is a real advantage as well as the added benefit of providing a better diagnosis to the patient. 

There are a total of approximately 60 million speculum exams completed each year. Standard Speculums offer only single plane (superior/inferior) tissue retractions. ClearSpec’s multi-planar tissue retraction solves many of the issues associated with cervical examinations, ultimately resulting in better disease diagnosis and treatment. Some of these advantages include:

  • The physician has an unobstructed view of the patient’s cervix, even when there is excessive vaginal tissue.
  • The sheath makes it possible for the physician to perform an examination or diagnostic procedures, such as pap smears, cervical cultures and biopsies.
  • A second instrument such as a lateral retractor or condom is not needed to perform an exam.
  • Opening the speculum wide is not necessary. The blades can be opened just wide enough to conduct an adequate examination, minimizing patient discomfort.
  • The sheath material is warmer and more comfortable to the touch for the patient.
  • The speculum is disposable
  • Saves the physician precious time and can cut down on wait times for patients in general.

The ClearSpec sheathed vaginal speculum is essential for all cervical procedures including Colposcopy, Cervical Biopsy, Cryotherapy, Endometrial Biopsy and Ablation, Hysteroscopy, Essure, Pregnancy Exams, Pap Smears and cervical cultures.

The company exhibited their innovative technology at the 2014 American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) annual meeting, the nation's leading group of physicians providing health care for women. ClearSpec has partnered with McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc., for distribution of their device to physicians' offices, home care agencies, long-term care facilities and surgery centers in the United States.  McKesson Medical-Surgical Inc. brings next-generation solutions to life every day and carries medical-surgical products in every major product category to improve the health of medical businesses.

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