Grading the Professor: Online Tools Give Instructors Feedback on Their Courses

University instructors depend on evaluation and feedback from their students to revise and improve their study materials and teaching methods. This information is also useful for academic planning and accreditation activities.

Researchers at the University at Buffalo’s School of Dental Medicine launched The Academic Software Collaboration (TASC) in the 1990s to develop software that allows academic institutions to set up Internet-based course, faculty and other program assessment tools licensed as CoursEval™.

In 2001, TASC became Academic Management Systems, a University at Buffalo startup company within the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator. The company provides software solutions for universities, colleges and health professions schools.

CoursEval™ is now widely recognized as the premier platform for online course and instructor assessment.

A self-assessment and a peer-review mechanism also allows members of a group to evaluate themselves, as well as each other’s performance.

AMS software product lines now include admissions management, course evaluation and electronic CV software. More than 250 institutions across the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East use AMS products. 

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