AUTM Licensing Activity Surveys

Our Surveys: Tracking the Innovation Ecosystem

The AUTM Licensing Activity Survey offers quantitative data and real-world examples about licensing activities at U.S. and Canadian universities, hospitals and research institutions.

AUTM 2018 Licensing Activity Survey
Start-ups are flourishing and the number of issued patents hit record high. Learn more about the 2018 survey here.

Data from past surveys is available in the AUTM Statistics Access for Tech Transfer (STATT), a searchable, exportable database of more than 20 years of academic licensing data collected by AUTM from participating academic institutions.

Past Survey Data

Learn more about past surveys or purchase past reports here.

Sponsorship Opportunities
The Licensing Activity Survey is one of AUTM's most popular and widely distributed publications. For information about how to become a sponsor, email Madh Carson, AUTM Sponsorship Manager, or call +1-847-686-2362.