Antibody-Based Kits Detect Nut Contamination in Food Processing Machinery

BioFront Technology's MonoTrace ELISAs represent the first line of monoclonal antibody-based kits (MABs) for detecting nut contamination in food matrices. Precisely defined MABs targeting major allergenic proteins help insure sensitive, specific, and reproducible results. 

The company offers a series of diagnostics test kits for ground nut and tree nut allergy tests.

In an increasingly allergic world, these kits make a difference.

Companies manufacturing food which include such nuts need to ensure that their machinery is meticulously clear before beign used for non-nut containing foods. Slight contamination can lead to very expensive food recalls.

Prior to this, available test kits used polyclonal antibodies which have high cross reactivioty and high false positives.

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