Campus Incident Tracking System Supports Campus Security

Campus safety is a top priority among college and university administrators. When director Peter Schneider and associate director Ron Slade of Boston University’s Office of Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) realized there was no software package designed to track and analyze “incidents” on campus, they decided to create one.

Schneider and Slade developed the “Campus Incident Tracking System  (CITS)” from 2000-2005 with $60,000  in funding from Boston University. CITS is a user friendly, Internet-based system that logs, tracks, analyzes, reports, and follows up incidents that occur on university, college and medical campuses. 

The software captures critical information about each incident, and allows for trend and root-cause analysis. It is also a highly effective tool for recording information from multiple sources, such as police and fire officials, public safety personnel and eyewitnesses. Major risks can be identified and mitigated to improve campus safety, and speed up response time. The recorded data and reports can also be used to support lawsuits and internal audits.

By analyzing trends and root causes, and implementing corrective actions, OEHS personnel have significantly improved campus safety.

Since it began using CITS, OEHS has tracked 800 incidents, and the university has licensed the software to Boston-based  Axim Systems, which markets and sells  CITS worldwide. 

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